"Marge, it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen."
-- Homer Simpson

It affects your occupational performance

Ugh…this returning to work thing after almost 3 weeks off is pretty painful. I’ve never actually taken so much time off work at once (in the almost-fourteen years of employment at the Evil Corporation), and now I can see why — the return is almost as painful as the before-vacation stress!

The amusing thing is that, while I had no problem getting up early last week (when I had a full schedule of sitting on my ass), I’m having issues getting up early now. I think my brain is revolting at the idea of returning to work… :-)

Anyway…for the Joss Whedon fans in withdrawal, I was surprised to find a well-written fan fiction site recently. The unofficial Angel Season Six is well worth reading. I think the writers have captured the voices of the characters very well, and the storyline is very reminiscent of Seasons 2 through 4 (and the better parts of Season 4, at that). I’m only at the fifth episode, but so far none of the characters are having inappropriate sexual relations:-)

4 Responses to “It affects your occupational performance”

  1. I can’t tell if you think the lack of inappropriate relations is a pro or a con…

  2. Definitely a pro…the slash fiction tends to focus more on the relations than the story, and I need my fix of Joss Whedon characters… :-)

  3. KaveMan, the title of your entry here could practically be the title of my dissertation! Oh, it’s frightening how boring one becomes when trying to do a PhD…

  4. Well, if it helps you out any, it’s a line from a song off the Office Space soundtrack, called Shove This Jay-Oh-Bee:-)

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