"If The Flintstones has taught us anything, it's that pelicans can be used to mix cement."
-- Homer Simpson

Men weren’t meant to ride with clouds between their knees

I don’t normally do all the crap quizzes that seem to permeate the net…but how could a comics geek like me not do the Superhero Quiz?

Apparently, my best match is for the wallcrawler himself:

Spider-man: 85%
Superman: 65%
Green Lantern: 55%
Iron Man: 55%
The Flash: 50%
Robin: 45%
Hulk: 45%
Batman: 40%
Supergirl: 35%
Catwoman: 35%
Wonder Woman: 25%

I’m not sure whether or not to worry that I’m a 25% match for Wonder Woman… :-)

And of course, how can you have a Superhero Quiz without a Supervillan Quiz? Here are my matches for villains:

Apocalypse: 60%
Magneto: 57%
Dr. Doom: 55%
The Joker: 51%
Juggernaut: 49%
Lex Luthor: 47%
Riddler: 47%
Dark Phoenix: 42%
Mr. Freeze: 40%
Kingpin: 39%
Green Goblin: 37%
Venom: 34%
Two-Face: 33%
Poison Ivy: 32%
Catwoman: 31%
Mystique: 17%

I guess I’m glad to see that I’m not a very good match for any villain, but I would have thought Kingpin would be higher up on my list than he is…and how is Mr. Freeze even on my list at all?! :-)

10 Responses to “Men weren’t meant to ride with clouds between their knees”

  1. I am Superman.

    (p.s. Dude! In order to get Wonder Woman off your list, you have to answer no to the “thong” and “push-up bra” questions ;)

  2. Oh, yeah, and I’m Venom too. Super Venom!

  3. OK, for the record, I did say no to the push-up bra question… :-)

    So BogMan, do you know what’s happening? ;-)

  4. Ah, but did you say yes to the thong question? :)

  5. Spider-Man 80%
    Green Lantern 80%
    Wonder Woman 77%

    Dr. Doom 85%
    Poison Ivy 81%
    Dark Phoenix 77%

    I think the description under my villain side says it all… “Blessed with smarts and power, but burdened by vanity.” Ha ha :)

  6. I’m…get this….Robin! hee hee. Villain: Poison Ivy. (Apparently I live in the Batman universe)

    And for the record I did say yes to the push-up bra question. Not sure what that says about the Boy Wonder…

  7. *Sigh* even more sites I’m not allowed to access… Apparently I will have to do this on my own time, instead of procrastinating at work as I had hoped…

  8. OK, I’m home now! Let’s see…


    Supergirl 97% (“Lean, muscular and feminine. Honest and a defender of the innocent.” I can live with that!)
    Spiderman 75%
    Then tied for 3rd at 70% is Superman, the Flash and Iron Man.
    Wonder Woman comes in 4th at 67%.

    Hmmm, those percentages are a little high – does that make me more heroic than Kaveman? :D


    Mr. Freeze 58% (Well, what can I say, I answered a strong “yes” to “do you like the cold” – that’s when you get to ski & skate! I’m so happy it snowed today…)
    Apocalypse 54% (Never heard of him)
    The Joker 52%
    Poison Ivy 51%.

  9. I’m 100% wonderwomen ….kinda scary that i’m also 90% superman.

  10. Hmmm – here are my results:

    Green Lantern – 95% (Hot headed, a leader, good imagination. Not sure I agree about the former: in my line of work, I’m pretty level headed and have to think things through thoroughly so no one dies…)
    Spider Man – 85%
    Superman – 80% (guess the whole push-up bra and thong thing got sidelined by my other responses! :D )

    Dr. Doom – 86% (Blessed with smarts and power, but burdened by vanity. “You puny, insignificant people – bow down before the brilliance and the might that is the Grabber! Ha ha ha ha ha! (evil laugh inserted here)”
    Lex Luthor – 79%
    Apocalypse – 78% (again, no points for push-up bras and thongs…)

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