"What do you think is going on around here? You think we're on vacation or something? Mom and Dad's lives could be in jeopardy! Or worse...their marriage."
-- Violet Parr

Spiderman’s Hammock

For those of you with fond childhood memories of the Hinterland Who’s Who segments, please enjoy the latest edition, the Canadian Wood Spider. I just love the Canadian Wildlife Service, don’t you?


3 Responses to “Spiderman’s Hammock”

  1. OK, that was freaking hilarious! I wanna call up the Canadian Wildlife Service to find out about the crack spider’s bitch now!

  2. Ahh – the haunting strains of “Hinterland: Who’s Who”. Somehow, the crack spider didn’t ring any bells when I was a kid (I remember such classics as “the wolverine”, “the timberland wolf”, “the chipmunk” and “the barren ground caribou”…must have wiped this one out of my mind! :D )

    GREAT find, Homewrecker!

  3. I’m slow these days, but this was HYSTERICAL! Made my morning.

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