"Some people juggle geese!"
-- Hoban Washburn

Cause when the feelin’s right I’m gonna run all night

I decided to close off my weekend yesterday with a visit to the gym, egged on somewhat by my mother (she can be very nagging inspirational when she wants to be). However, it turns out that when you don’t exercise for over a year, and then hit the gym, pain is the result. The gym has been absent from my routine long enough that I apparently needed a reminder of this phenomenon.

Of course, idiot that I am (remember the name of this site?), I returned this morning for more punishment. The best part about working out in the morning is that it’s followed closely by several hours of sitting at a desk at work. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of standing up from your desk around 11 am after a 6 am run… :-)

And then, after all that, I came home tonight to the daunting task of clearing my 70-foot driveway as a result of winter finally arriving. Thankfully, the 20 or so centimetres of snow was mostly powder, so it wasn’t too heavy, but my legs are just about ready to fall off now.

The goal is to hit the gym again tomorrow…we’ll see what happens when the alarm goes off at 5:15… :-)

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  1. So, your local Running Room has a program called Learn to Run. The nice thing about it is taht you EASE INTO IT. What is also nice about it is if you fall off the wagon, you can EASE BACK INTO IT.

    My first run post-back-injury, I did a whopping 20 minutes (ooh!) alternating 2 minutes of running to one minute of walking. 24 hrs later I stood up and realised all my back muscles were seizing on me. I can’t imagine what I would have done to myself if I’d gone all out. So stop trying to destroy yourself & take it easy your first few times out, you crazy freak! You’re gonna hurt yourself- I mean REALLY hurt yourself! And STRETCH dammit!

    I’m being perfectly selfish here, but the way; I just want you in good shape to go skiing this winter, now that winter is finally here! :)

  2. I got a little snow shovelling in myself the other day and my wrists are still sore. The running room is good but there are all those pesky humans around. still, there are like two free runs every week and apparently the sunday runners usually go for brekkie afterwards… I agree that you should pace yourself and definately stretch, if a decade of running has taught me anything it’s the difference stretching makes.

  3. OK, folks, I actually have maintained an exercise regimen before. Yes, I did indeed stretch (both before and after the run), and I certainly did start small (11 or 12 minute walk & run, working up to 20 minutes so far)…but ultimately, when a 300-pound guy goes for a run…it’s gonna hurt… :-)

  4. I’m sorry, my dear, it’s just that you do have a tendency to go all out in many of your endeavours; can I be forgiven for assuming you had done the same again this time? :D

  5. I resemble that remark… :-)

  6. nono, more stretching, i say, more stretching! hehehe
    Seriosly tho, I think you should probably hit the eliptical instead of the treadmill. It’s like all the hard work of cross country skiing but without any of the fresh air or scenery. Either that or swim, which is a little impracticle seeing as you’d have to haul ass to the rideau goodlife at 5am then haul ass right back for work. At least until the spring at which point I propose you build your own swimming pool in your backyard. Think of it, you have plenty of yard left and we miss the blog logs…

  7. No, no, if he’s going to swim, Pinecrest Pool is closer!

    That being said, I can’t see Kaveman taking up swimming anytime soon; I’m not sure why, but perhaps I have heard him talk about swimming with disdain?

    Personally, I love swimming and yet haven’t set foot in a pool for more years than I care to remember. Go figure…

  8. he’s a big fan of the water in general actually, not sure about swimsuits tho… but there is the added bonus that the sweating issue is kind of a moo point in the water. plus it’s better for his joints, which is what i’ve kinda been hinting at in this posts comments…

  9. Joints, schmoints, I would look very goofy on an elliptical, and running’s what worked for me before anyway (if it ain’t broke…).

    I do love the water, and I do enjoy swimming…the disdain comes again from the “300-lb guy” issue…i.e. not looking so great in a swimsuit… :-)

    (Also, swimming is not so great for losing large amounts of weight, it’s more geared towards toning if you’re already reasonably lean.)

  10. Also, the cholrine is not so fine for your skin at this time of year…

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