"Dear MacGuyver, Enclosed is a rubber band, a paper clip, and a drinking straw. Please save my dog."
-- Peter Griffin

She’s back

Hey you remember me! it’s the chick who can’t spell who forgot that I was a blogger on this site..cause yes…I am people so there for I am an idiot.
I’m over in the states yay boarder jumping!
Likin the nice weather. it was in the 70′s yesterday but unfortunately it’s down to the 20′s tonight. I’m at work…Not excactly my favorite place on the planet…between here and hell i think i’d rather be in hell. at least they have heat there! I’m so friggin cold! and it’s a well known fact that i don’t produce any heat what so ever. the only way i can get heat is to suck it off some poor unsuspecting person…like Kamin. which unfortunatly is hard to do over such a large distance…by the way kamin when are you coming to visit me? I’m lonely.
anywho i should get going. just lettin ya know i’m still alive. and yay i now have something to fill my unfufilled hours with! can’t believe i still remembered my pass word.

3 Responses to “She’s back”

  1. I’ll see if i can mail you some heat, if it will just stay in the envelope…
    btw, was i supposed to email you something? cuz ya, i forgot…
    love you bestest best friend!

  2. lol you ask me as though i would remember myself. heheh that’s funny. I can’t even remember what i ate for lunch let alone if i requested somethign from you threw e-mail. by the way i have my new address for you. i should get on sending you that. oh and i got a new e-mail account i should give that to you too.

  3. We may have stumbled on the secret of our friendship, tolerance of neglect.

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