"Don't kid yourself, Jimmy. If a cow ever got the chance, he'd eat you and everyone you care about!"
-- Troy McClure

Attack of the Norwalk

It’s been a busy week! I am the lucky bastard in the family who DIDN’T get Norwalk virus. First Morgan, and then Jamie 48 hours later, were hit with it. I’ll skip the gory details except to tell you that it comes from BOTH ends (simultaneously in Jamie’s case). Jamie had a fever of 101.3 and lost 12 pounds (has gained some back in water) and Morgan’s little Buddha belly is a bit smaller now. Check out the shiner though, from a fall face-first on the hardwood floor at daycare! (Her eye isn’t swollen though, I’m just a gifted photographer who can catch her kid with one eye shut). Ah, the toddler years. :)

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  1. Doesn’t sound like it’s been a lot of fun at the Limbo household… :-)

    BTW, I fixed your link to the picture of the two of them sleeping, but I couldn’t find a picture of the shiner…send it to me and I can fix it up…

  2. Was he at least coordinated enough to puke first & do the other second? Or did he have to sit with a bowl on his lap? No, I’m not actually trying to be funny, I had to figure this stuff out when I had food poisoning last year…

    Where’s the photo, hon?

  3. Ah, apparently I missed Kaveman’s post by a few seconds…

  4. In answer to your question, he was on the can calling to me to get him a bucket! :) At least there was someone else there to help him – this has happened to him once before, and he just had to make do, poor guy….

  5. I tried the coordination method. Thank goodness I had enough control over my sphincter so that I could puke first into a clean toilet bowl… My aren’t we gross this morning! :D

  6. And, and geez Limbo, you’re little one looks stoned! “wow, man, this bath is sooooo zen…”

  7. I echo Homewrecker’s sentiments – your little one doesn’t look like she has a shiner so much as having gotten into the moonshine! She’s cute as a button, though, even with the “wink” look! :D

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