"Christmas is a time when people of all religions come together to worship Jesus Christ."
-- Bart Simpson

People are, indeed, idiots

Check out this sign, everyone! I thought it was perfect for the Blog :)

And the website where some of these came from is pretty funny too. Have a look at these t-shirts! I love the white one on the right. But THIS ONE takes the cake! (ha ha)

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  1. I heard on the radio the other day that they’re going around Beijing fixing all the mis-translated or poorly translated signs before the Olympics…I guess they don’t want any bad PR :)

    I also wonder, do we mess it up just as badly here? is there a Japanese website mocking north american tourist brochures?

  2. According to the website, we probably do mess it up just as badly! Can you imagine finding out your chinese or Japanese character tattoo makes no sense? :D

    My grandmother had a whole list of crazy English signs from her many years in China & stop overs in Japan. Limbo’s favourite shirt really reminds me of them. However, my favourite shirt is the white one on the left! So delightful how it makes no sense whatsoever…

  3. Oh, wait, I have a new favourite…


    Oh, no wait, maybe this one…


    No, wait…


    so much silliness to chose from! How can I decide? :)

    And this one is just plain strange… http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/engrish-store_1929_8400717

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