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-- Professor Frink

memory, all alone in the moonlight…

I found myself reminiscing about Participaction with my students in class the other day, and realized they probably were not born when it was at its height! Anyway, I had brought it up as an example of a pro-active, government-initiated health promotion program that is being resurrected. Then I got an email announcing the ‘official’ relaunch, and I thought I might share some commercials with all of you! :)

4 Responses to “memory, all alone in the moonlight…”

  1. Ah, Participaction… yet another source of inspiration for bullies to draw upon when picking on their victims… And it’s always so nice when the teachers have an excuse to be judgemental too! I never did any better than Bronze, which really should have been renamed “yeah, thanks for coming out”! There’s always a problem when a progam that’s supposed to be motivational has the opposite reaction…

    And before anyone argues that it must have worked as I now seem to be quite active, allow me to point out that fortunately my mother undid the negative impact by insisting I be involed in something active, which led to swimming, which I turned out to be pretty good at by the time I turned 13. But grade 4 participaction challenges just made me want to avoid gym class forever.

    By the way; was ANYONE ever taught how to actually climb those ropes? It always seemed they expected you to do it, but never actually showed you how!

  2. My nemesis was chin-ups. I still can’t do one :)

  3. I’m guessing this isn’t a big ‘Corner Gas’ crowd but they did a pretty funny participaction episode last season with the music and everything. I personally come from the ‘body break’ years but whatever…keep fit and have fun!

  4. Yup, I couldn’t do the chin ups either… and still can’t without a spotter despite regular climbing sessions! Apparently most people have trouble with them.

    That corner gas episode was hilarious!

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