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Skinny bitches…

Madrid’s fashion week banning ‘overly thin’ models (and the fashion shows that followed their lead…) might be old news but the Participaction post kinda brought it to the forefront of my brain. The policy came after four brazilian models died of eating disorders, and Madrid fashion industry is now trying to incorporate the word ‘healthy’ wherever they use ‘beauty’. They’re using the BMI to determine what is appropriate, which some might consider flawed but seeing as they set the minimum BMI at 18 (which is still technically considered ‘underweight’ but trust me its pretty damn hard to even get down to 18.5 which is the low end of ‘normal’) and they did indeed have to turn away girls who were so far under that they couldn’t gain that much weight in time (including one girl who didn’t even get over 16), well, I’m not complaining.

All the same, models are really upset about giving up being underweight. Giselle Bundchen (a Victoria Secret model) has been quite vocal on the subject, blaming families instead of the media for eating disorders, adding that some people (refering to herself I assume…) have the genes to be a model (if that doesn’t start massive commenting on this post then I don’t know what will). She tries to get away with it all by comparing anorexia problems to how big a problem type 2 diabetes is, but since the policy was created to combat anorexia primarily inside the fashion industry I think someone should quote the stats to her as to how many models suffer from type 2 diabetes. By the way, she had to gain 14 pounds to make the minimum requirements for a show in milan. She’s 5’10″ btw.

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  1. I’m doing fashion week in DC this weekend and i know a lot of girls that wouldn’t make it to the 18.5 mark. but designers are still after them. it’s funny though because iv’e seen them getting fitted and they are way to small for the clothes and they have to be taken in. what’s the point really. they look like they could snap in half if they bent over to fast.
    According to the BMI I’m 20.8 body mass…i guess that makes me the fat cow model in the show. hehehehe. I fill the fat girl requirements in the industry hhehehe.

  2. You’d think you’d need curved to model for Victoria’s Secret… Funny how she has to make a waist for herself with her hands!

  3. That’s the best part, VS models have the most curves in the industry and she was still around a 16 on the BMI. Actually I really think the best part is that all this was started by the deaths of four brazilian models, and Giselle Bundchen is brazilian. Way to call your countrymen bad parents, Giselle!

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