"Dodge this."
-- Trinity

Ron Howard Jr is sooo cute!

So i just saw ‘the village’ and i have to say not a bad movie, but not at all what i expected. It was kinda sweet and adorable when i was hoping for shocking and scary. I guessed at the big bad secret early on but as a joke in my head thinking to myself ‘noooo, that would just be silly…’ Not wanting to give away said big secret i guess all i can say is that there’s only one or two good scares and there are more than a couple really funny moments. The only thing that *really* didn’t make sense by the end was why they decided to talk like that.
So to recap:

  • M. Night Shyamalan was beaten with something red as a child
  • Ron Howards spawn better be in the firefly movie
  • I must find and marry Joaquin Phoenix
  • y’know, i think i’m gonna like blogging. mer.

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