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We share the same biology, regardless of ideology…

Anyone seen Harvard’s Inner Life of the Cell yet?

(And here’s the longer, narrated version, for the geeks.)

2 Responses to “We share the same biology, regardless of ideology…”

  1. I recognised but couldn’t remember the name of the golgi apparatus, so I had to check out the narrated version… I’m a really huge geek!

  2. I as well, swell the ranks of geekitude! Dare I admit I experienced such a frisson of excitement while watching this teaser? I want to see more! More! More! (My personal faves were the cell cytoskeleton building, and the “ballet” of cell-cell signalling. Yes, I am the uber-geek…)

    Two comments about the video:
    1) Why on earth couldn’t I have had this kind of multimedia while studying in med school? I had to pore over months worth of volumes of dry pictures.
    2) Watching this, one can hardly believe nature gets it right so many, many times. Given the sheer volume of places mistakes can be made (from DNA transcription, RNA translation, protein production, cell signalling/cytoskeleton, etc, etc, it’s a wonder our bodies keep working well for so long…

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