"Ten percent of nuthin' is...let me do the math here...nuthin' into nuthin'...carry the nuthin'..."
-- Jayne Cobb

My fantasy has turned to madness

OK, I’ve actually decided not to paint that stripe just above the waterline. Once I got it cleaned up, I realized (and confirmed with one of the other boatowners) that the stripe is actually coloured gelcoat (the outer glossy layer of the fiberglass hull), and not paint. If I were to paint over it, there’s no way I’d get it as smooth (paint always has a texture). So, I have to choose between a little oxidation streaking if I don’t paint or a textured paint job that will eventually chip off if I do. And since I get to return about $75 worth of paint & supplies if I don’t, I think that’s where I’m leaning… :-)

It’s a little hard to see, but if you click on the picture and look at the larger version, you should see the progress I’m making on cleaning and polishing the hull. The foot or so just above the waterline (the burgundy stripe and the few inches above it) have been cleaned and polished (but not yet waxed) and you can sort of see that it’s a lot glossier than the stuff above it (based on how much is reflecting). I now just have to do that on the rest of the hull (i.e. I’m about 20% done the cleaning and polishing). And then, I have to wax the whole thing…sigh…

(One of the other boatowners commented that he believed boats should be sold every five years, since most owners only do this once or twice before they stop caring…)

You can also see at the top of the picture the masked-off area where I’m painting the decorative stripe. I should be able to take the masking tape off soon, so I’ll have a better picture to show off the wonderful job I’ve done (he said, optimistically).

And, at some point, I’m sure I’ll think about actually sailing this boat again… :-)

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