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Since I found Serenity

Not only did I get the decorative stripe finished and the masking tape off, but last night I decided it was finally time to make Serenity’s name a reality. Happy Phantom had supplied me with the vinyl lettering for the name last year (a fantastic birthday present), but I never got around to actually slapping the name on the side of the boat. Once the decorative stripe was finished, it seemed the perfect time to clean and polish the hull between the two portions of the stripe, and apply the name. I was a little nervous about screwing it up, but it turned out to be pretty easy to do, and I’m extremely pleased with the results!

Overall, things are coming along quite nicely. I’m going to do a run down to Gelcote International today to pick up a gelcoat repair kit for the one major crack (in my rudder), and to try my hand at fixing some of the more minor ones…since colour-matching with gelcoat is pretty tricky, I’m just going to do a test repair on a reasonably small area now. If it works out, I can do some more repairs next year (there are a number of spots on the hull with some crazing that could be spruced up).

Once the name was applied to the boat, I spent the rest of the evening continuing the cleaning and polishing. You can see in the picture at left that the hull is definitely glossier now, even in the lower-light picture (the sun had start to set by this point).

I’m about 2/3 done with the cleaning and polishing, and I’m almost out of my cleaning liquid. Since the Chandlery has run out (everyone’s cleaning their boats this week), I ordered some more from Pride Marine in Kingston a couple of days ago…it should show up today so that I can continue with the cleaning tonight. My goal is to finish (or nearly finish) the cleaning and polishing tonight, so that I can start waxing on Sunday. Then, I can pick up the motor from being tuned up on Monday or Tuesday, and hopefully be launched by the middle of next week!

I’ll be working on the boat again tonight, but then taking a forced break for a couple of days. Tomorrow night is the opening for Spider-man 3, and Saturday is the official Launch Day at the club (members aren’t allowed in the yard when the commercial cranes are operating). Plus, the Littler Miss is getting right with God on Saturday as well, which I’m told will take up a good chunk of the day… :-)

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  1. There’s a whole place just for Gelcote? Who knew?

  2. They can get away with it because they’re the only place in Ottawa where you can buy gelcoat (according to my Fiberglass Repair instructor).

  3. I think it’s clear you need a boat log. And lets see some of the old blog logs resurface…

  4. All the activity all of a sudden! KaveMan, the boat looks gorgeous :) I have learned so much about crazing from you post and link to Wiki – such as: Crazing “is typified by a whitening of the crazed region” (is that what happens when people are idiots and I clench my jaw and fists in frustration?), and “when crazing occurs, one will typically not observe “necking”" (in other words, no one wants to make out with crazy people.)

    Ha ha!

  5. Yes, the quality of the wiki entries are sometimes not that great…I’m actually not a huge fan of wikis in general. I find the idea of “collaborative authoring” to be fairly ridiculous…there’s no way to really ensure quality or even accuracy. Or maybe that’s just the control enthusiast in me talking… :-)

    I’ve got more pictures of the boat to post soon…I’ve started waxing and wow is it ever shiny! So Limbo, when are you, Evil Genius and MEB coming up for a sail? :-)

  6. MEB? What does MEB stand for??

  7. Um, the initials of Limbo’s offspring? Did I screw up, or are you having a stroke? :-)

  8. 1. I broke one of the “Comment” rules by waiting until now to post. Oops.
    2. That being said, the question is: What is Serenity? – all those C&Cs look the same to me.

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