"I believe that woman's planning to shoot me again."
-- Malcolm Reynolds

They say Eve tempted Adam with an apple…

Babies cavorting with T. rexes? Oh… dear….

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  1. I know, I read this in the paper today…

    I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that this “museum” of non-science went up, or that it got so much funding…

    Even scarier is the percent of our buddies down South who believe God either created them “bam!”, or was at least a guiding hand in our creation (the so-called “intelligent design” folks. Though I have to say, the appendix, the knee joint, and the fact that we both breathe and eat through the same upper tube – a.k.a. choking central, makes one wonder about these design flaws…)

  2. Tonight, when I say my prayers before bed, I’m going to ask God to hit this museum with a meteor.

  3. Yes, creationists are pretty good at overlooking the design flaws!

  4. I don’t know, I actually have no problem with the belief that God may have had a hand in our ‘design’ as it were. (perhaps not literally, since I don’t really know how I feel about God having hands.) Does that mean that I think evolutionary evidence is ‘proof’ of intelligent design? No. I subscribe more to the philosophical standpoint that science is not an appropriate methodology through which to investigate the existence of God, which I perceive is a faith-based question.

    Ack, you can tell I’ve been reading too much philosophy these days (the Ph in my PhD)!

  5. God that is manifest in the harmony of all that exists, not oen who is concerned with individual human actions… like Einstein, that’s an idea I can get behind.

    God as the “designer” of the human species – well, just doesn’t work for me, see above-mentioned design flaws… God as the designer of DNA, now, I can get on board with that. So somewhere in there there’s a dividing line, and I think I may have set it somplace pretty arbitrary.

    Of course, it doesn’t help that I have issues with belief…

  6. Ha ha! Doesn’t the entire human race have issues with belief in one form or another? :)

  7. I mean whether or not I believe! :)

  8. So apparently Canada has to have its own version…


  9. People are Idiots. Let the majority of Americans believe in creationism, not in science and the decline of the American empire continues. If there is no belief in science, science doesn’t progress. Progress in the 20th Century has had a lot to do with science and technology. Of course Americans are true believers of science when it comes to warfare.

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