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I need a hero

Top ten superhero moments in the movies. My fave is #6 (I love wolverine!) What would you add?

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  1. I’m glad Unbreakable made the list, and I agree that the scene they chose was a good #9…however, I think the scene at the end of the movie when Bruce Willis is trying to save the kids and is standing beside the pool with his hood over his head deserved to be on the list as well, especially if the basis of the list is revelations. When the camera zooms in on him while still hiding his face, I still get tingles down my spine! This scene is definitely more about revelation than the #4 choice was (who the hell ever cared about Pyro in the X-movies, anyway?).

  2. Actually, another one that’s missing from the list is the scene at the end of The Matrix where Neo comes back to life after being shot by Agent Smith. This one has all the classic elements as well — the girl professing her love, the immediate peril of the ship being attacked, and the hero becoming more than he was in order to save the day. Add in the factor that he manages to best his nemesis, while actually causing his nemesis to undergo a transformation as well, and you have all the classic superhero moments.

    I’ve always thought that the first Matrix movie is mostly a superhero origin story…it’s only the second and third movies that turn it into a religious mish-mash… :-)

  3. While one could argue whether Luke Skywalker is a superhero or simply an unbelievably force enhanced human, he has some pretty heroic moments. My favourite? When he chooses to give his father the chance to redeem himself – a classic “I believe in you” time frame, in which his dad then choses to walk the righteous path and smoke the Emperor with his own hands (or what is left of them, anyways). THAT still gives me goosebumps: when you see Vader looking at his dying son and his Master, and determining that his life of true wretchedness (but with almost unlimited POWER) still doesn’t balance out with the life of his son.

    Good to know even anti-heroes are redeemable… :D

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