"Does anyone else smell Astro-Glide?"
-- Stewie Griffin

Whistling in the dark

Somewhere buried in an entertainment gossip column is the news that a new X-files movie is the making, and I’m finding that my feelings are quite mixed. Once upon a time, X-files was my favourite show, and I wasn’t alone. During my undergrad, the bars would be empty on the night it was shown (at the time I believe it was Thrusday nights?) and would have a sizable influx of people about a half hour after the show was finished. However, it eventually declined into the realm of serious loopiness, and by the time the 2 hour finale come along I could barely watch. In fact, I skipped the last 10 minutes, so I honestly can’t say I know how it ended! Fun blast from the past or pathetic recycling? I suppose we’ll just have to wait & see.

2 Responses to “Whistling in the dark”

  1. apparently they’re abandoning the continuity heavy, convoluted conspiracy storyline that kinda killed the show and return to the freak of the week stuff…

  2. Actually, the convoluted, continuity-heavy conspiracy storyline is what kept the show going…don’t forget that the X-Files movie was reasonably successful, and came out in the summer between fourth and fifth seasons (i.e. at the height of the conspiracy storyline). What killed the show was that they resolved that storyline in mid-seventh season, and then rather than bring the show to a graceful conclusion, tried to retcon in another convoluted, continuity-heavy conspiracy storyline while replacing every major character other than Scully…

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