"Choice is an illusion, created between those with power, and those without."
-- The Merovingian

Following the herd down to Greece

At first glance, this study would seem to confirm the usual male stereotype of always going for the hot chick. However, after a closer read, I think it’s nothing more than bad science.

In order to be able to evaluate a larger sample size, the study was performed in a speed dating environment. And after 20-some couples all went through a speed dating exercise, the study concludes that men make their decisions based on superficial characteristics like physical appearance. Apparently, when given a couple of minutes to decide, men weren’t making their decision based on the woman’s perspective on the sociopolitical outlook of African nations in the context of a post-colonial world.

What I thought was even more offensive here was that the study was concluding that women adjusted their expectations based on their own evaluations of their appearance. The “scientist” states that “They knew what they could get and aimed for that level”.

Listen, I’m not going to try and argue that, on the average, men aren’t more appearance-focused than women, but I worry when studies are engineered to “confirm” that conclusion…

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  1. Speed dating was used to poll a large number of people, but there were only 46 people in the study? I’d be more satisfied with several hundred… What is an attractiveness threshold? And who’s definition of attractive?

    I also have issues with the “they knew what they could get & aimed for that level”… level of what, exactly? Attractiveness? Income? Compatibility?

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