"Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?"
-- Homer Simpson

I kept my head down and moved on

Yup, I’m back again at long last. It’s been a pretty brutal few months, with typical work weeks of 80 hours or more, so I’ve been absent from the blog as well as pretty much every other form of human interaction. (hmmm, is the blog a form of human interaction? An interesting topic for another day…)

I have to say, I’m not entirely sure why I do this to myself. On the one hand, I do love my job–I find it mentally rewarding and intellectually challenging, and it feeds my need to design elegant solutions to complicated problems. This particular need of mine should be familiar to those who have heard my multitudinous rants about the various governmental or societal organizations that could be more efficiently implemented or managed (always in my opinion, of course). Building the infrastructure and toolset for common process and product measurement and analysis at the Evil Corporation where I work may sound like the height of geekitude (ok, it is), but it does present some very intriguing problems to solve.

However, there is that other hand that I seem to keep ignoring. There’s no way around it, the Evil Corporation I work for is, well, evil. It isn’t like I’ve ever had aspirations of leading the revolution, but despite my oft-voiced protestations of Matrix-ian philosophy (everything begins with choice), there’s just no denying that I work for the man.

So where does that leave me? Well, it’s quite possible that I’m doomed to repeat this cycle of complete immersion in work followed by brief periods of sanity during which I rebuild all of my ignored relationships…and clean my house. But maybe there’s hope that at some point I’ll disregard the Architect’s analysis of the choices before me and dive for the door on the right… :-)

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