"See, now they don't know a damn thing! It's all over your face and I ain't even...was gonna get me a ear, too."
-- Jayne Cobb

I still belong, don’t get me wrong

OK, this is now my umpteenth attempt at re-entering the blogosphere (ouch, sorry…). I think I just have to accept the fact that regular updates require me to be a little less theme-y (or message-y, if you prefer) and topical, and instead just focus on the miscellaneous rambling that makes up the majority of the interweeb.

Song lyrics as post headings are not something I’m willing to give up on just yet, however. And before someone inevitably uses the similarity with the Grey’s Anatomy episode naming convention as an excuse to call me girly, keep in mind that I was using song lyrics (with the occasional TV or movie quote thrown in) long before Patrick Dempsey became known as McDreamy. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything to stop you using my enthusiasm for Grey’s Anatomy as evidence of my girly-man nature… :-)

My monumental revelation for today is that I have fallen in love with a new webcomic. I can’t remember if someone (i.e. Kamelot) recommended Questionable Content to me, or if I just stumbled upon it randomly, but I am totally hooked. And there’s literally over a thousand of them in the archive, so there’s plenty to catch up on!

Whenever I read a new webcomic, I always start thinking: “Hey! I could write this shit!” But then I remember that despite my avid fanboy-esque nature, my creative writing skills have always been marginal, at best. While I mentally drool at the idea of creating an ensemble cast of characters to slowly develop over time, I don’t think I could really pull it off. Joss Whedon and Tim Kring have set the bar too high for me… :-)

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  1. you also like desperate housewives, that’s pretty girly…

  2. Yeah, but that’s 80% due to Teri Hatcher…besides, I enjoy it, but I don’t think it’s as good as Grey’s Anatomy… :-)

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