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It doesn’t show signs of stopping

Well, the massive snow dump has come and gone. Most of the city is actively trying to dig themselves out…I got out reasonably early this morning to shovel out the driveway, only to discover that the plows are apparently too busy on the major roads to get to my smaller road yet. And despite having some very good snow tires, the femtovan is not quite capable of making it through the foot or so of snow that’s sitting on the main road. I don’t know what the official measurement is yet, but I’m pretty sure this was the biggest dumping we’ve had so far this winter…

I read somewhere that in the northern Ottawa Valley, OPP are having to resort to snowmobiles to get anywhere, which I think is pretty cool. Imagine having to use snowmobiles as part of your job! :-) Personally, I’m hoping that we get another couple of big storms this month, so that we can break the snowfall record…apparently the snowiest winter on record for Ottawa is 444.1 cm back in the winter of 1970-1. With the big dump of the last couple of days, I think we’re within about half a meter of setting a new record. If we’re going to have this much snow, we might as well get some bragging rights out of it! :-)

I’ve attached some pics of my street to this post, just for posterity’s sake. I’m sure anyone in Ottawa will be able to show a similar story — snowbanks towering over both people and cars, and pathways completely blocked by snow piled too high to navigate. I never saw the point of owning snowshoes in an urban setting before (other than for the exercise, if you’re into that), but this winter’s got me seriously thinking about it. Maybe then I could actually get into my garage… :-)

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  1. I’ll have to send some pics of our snow here, which was assuredly less than for you guys, but a little unusual in Califtario (ie – SW Ontario). I started to back out of our long driveway this morning (we think we can fit 7 cars in our drive, but have yet to test it) only to discover that I couldn’t actually see over the snowbanks on either side :) Good thing the sidewalks were plowed so that I could move ahead and see the road through the sidewalk instead. In terms of activities, we actually went downhill skiing yesterday at Boler Mountain, our local bump, and there was so much snow you could hardly find any ice to get your edges into. Yay, winter storms! :)

  2. I heard on the radio this morning that the official count for Ottawa was 51.9 cm. I think that brings our winter total to almost 409 cm…just 35 cm to go! :-)

  3. “In my day, we had to dig ourselves out of our igloos, trudge to school uphill in snowshoes, and sat in schoolhouses only warmed by the heat of our bodies”…

    Do we now get bragging rights for our kids: “I survived BOTH the ice storm and the almost-biggest snowfall year on record”? To be honest, while it’s beyond nifty seeing these towering ridges of snow (and the girls LOVE sliding down them!) I can’t say it’s been that much of an ordeal – and I’m tired of all the whining on the part of most Ottawans who complain it’s hard to get to work, and it’s hard to shovel so much snow/my snow removal company hasn’t done my driveway yet, and the City hasn’t gotten rid of it within 24 hours…

    My only complaint? Why did I have to get paged in to the ICU right after the last 50 cm? (“Dig faster, Righteous Guy – my pager’s gone off again and the car’s still half-submerged in the white stuff!”) :D At least my patient did well!

  4. Apparently it hasn’t been that much of an ordeal because you’ve got a husband to shovel for you! :-)

    Generally, I find that that there’s a direct relationship between how much a person complains about winter, and how little they get out and enjoy what an Ottawa winter has to offer…the people who get out on the canal or hit the ski trails/hills don’t seem to mind the winter as much.

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