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The system is gonna feel so fine

With the spring thaw upon us (and how), my thoughts are once again turning to sailing (not that my thoughts stray far from my boat at the best of times). So, with that in mind, I figured it was time to check on Serenity this weekend, and make sure she survived the winter despite my lack of proper fall prep. Unlike my usual fervour for boat maintenance, I really dropped the ball in November — like everyone else, I was caught very unprepared for the sudden and massive early snowfall, and the boat just managed to get out of the water in time (in fact, she came out on the day of the first snowfall of the winter). Unfortunately, that also meant that I wasn’t able to cover her with a tarp, so she was subjected to the full force of this lengthy winter.

I’m happy to report that Serenity seems to have survived the ordeal without any scars, although the rapid thaw seems to have resulted in a large amount of water leaking into the cabin. The bilge was overflowing, and the water levels on the bottom of the boat had risen to about 5 cm above the floor. So I spent my afternoon climbing in and pumping water over the side (after my breakkie-skipping sleep-in).

This year’s launch prep should be pretty quick. After all the work I did last year restoring up the hull, I’ll only need to do a quick clean and re-wax, and then add on a coat of anti-fouling paint below the waterline. Maybe this year I can be in the water before the end of April! Assuming the river has thawed, that is… :-)

100_3486.jpg Speaking of the river, I’ve never seen the water level so high. I’ll try to get a picture of it the next time I’m at the club, but this should describe it: if Serenity were in the crane service dock (compared with the shot from last spring at the right), her deck would be higher than the concrete edge of the dock! I know I’m not going to have any worries about running aground this spring…

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  1. Like the space ship Serenity, “your” Serenity still makes it out of every battle with only a few scars…

    We’re all looking forward to launch day (Righteous Guy KNOWS he’ll be asked to lend his uber-muscles to help out), with SMP and ZIP along to watch the show. Now we just have to organize a couple of picnics on the boat at Peely Point and we’re set! (In fact SMP has already been asking about going on your boat, and her little sister LOVES the water, so you’ve got your work cut out for you. As do I, making sure neither of the little ones decide to take a plunge in the river sans tether… At least I know I can keep them bundled in their PFDs the whole time to keep their mischief to a minimum!)

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