"Time for some thrilling heroics."
-- Jayne Cobb

Does whatever an iron can…


Well, the boat is now in the water, and the mast is up. You can see the pictures from preparing the boat for launch here and here.

I went to see Iron Man last night with BogMan, the Friendly Redhead, and Homewrecker & beau (he’s gonna need a nickname for the blog). The movie was absolutely phenomenal, and definitely on a par with the other Marvel-based greats, Spiderman and X-men. As this is Marvel’s first foray into financing (and therefore producing) their own movies, I hope this is indicative of what we can expect from future movies as well.

Robert Downey Jr. was the perfect choice to play Tony Stark — he completely owned the role, bringing weight to the emotional and dramatic scenes while still delivering on the comedic moments. Much like most first movies for a comic book character, the entire movie is devoted to the Iron Man origin story. However, unlike Fantastic Four, the requisite final battle feels neither stilted nor tacked-on. It wasn’t quite as phenomenal as the Spiderman climax, but definitely on par with X-men.

The effects were, of course, as mind-blowing as we’ve come to expect from these types of movies. Jon Favreau (the director) seems to have taken a page from Firefly and used a lot of simulated hand-held photography for the mid-air battle scenes (the battle between Iron Man and two fighter jets was particularly well done). And the suit itself looked great…or should I say the suits looked great — there’s a good build-up of prototypes until the final Iron Man armour appears.

Just like with Spiderman, what makes the movie great is the strong focus on the hero character himself. Over the course of the movie, you see Tony Stark develop from a smug and self-righteous war profiteer who loves the ladies into a self-aware and somewhat humbled humanitarian…who loves the ladies. :-)

I am very much looking forward to both seeing this movie again, and to the inevitable sequel. I also can’t wait for Marvel to deliver on the not-so-subtle hint given in the post-credits scene!

Now, if only Warner Brothers would clue in and start diversifying their DC Universe movies beyond just Superman and Batman…actually, make that just Batman, since none of the Superman movies have had anything to do with the character from the comic book… :-(

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  1. The new beau shall henceforth be known as Digit Boy. (at least, that’s what we call him around my government cubicle farm…) He has his own gang-sign too!

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