"She's terse. I can be terse. Once in flight school, I was laconic...if I'm not gonna talk, then you have to!"
-- Hoban Washburn

Good job!

BirdLady and I decided to defy both metacritic and rottentomatoes this weekend and see Hancock, the new Will Smith movie that came out last weekend.

The movie definitely turned out to be more interesting than the reviews would lead you to believe. I’m not sure I’d call it a great movie, but it definitely ranks a solid “good”. The key thing that I think most reviewers missed is that it’s not really a superhero movie, just a movie about a superhero (if you take my meaning). Hancock is a superhero who has given in to loneliness and the apparent futility of his immortal life, only to discover the real key to his past over the course of the story.

The effects were pretty good, although many of the flying and action scenes felt like they were zoomed in just a little too much. Will Smith delivers his character with a perpetual sneer that’s almost comical, and I was very pleased to see Jason Bateman in a semi-leading role for a change…outside of the indie world, he hasn’t really been in too many major movie roles. I really hope that his excellent work in Arrested Development is finally being recognized. Charlize Theron is also excellent as always, but I won’t talk about her role too much to avoid ruining the plot for anyone.

I definitely would recommend Hancock for anyone who’s looking for a movie outside of the usual superhero formula. Don’t let the critics scare you off! :-)

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