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Move over Bananaphone

Yesterday, the Globe and Mail published an article describing how Canadians are far behind most of the world in cell phone usage. Reasons for this include relatively good quality and reasonably cheap service on land lines and that “Canadian’s frugality might stem from the phone operators’ habit of locking consumers into three-year plans in return for heavily subsidizing their handsets”. I almost laughed out loud over that one. OF COURSE that’s the reason – in fact, it’s the main issue Birdlady and I had with getting one when we were discussing our respective mobile acquisitions. Another factor of course is all the extra charges that get piled onto that low monthly rate. What annoyed me the most is that I could get exactly what I wanted in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but had to suck it up and just accept that fact that I was going to get hosed up here.

With luck, this may all be about to change thanks to yesterday’s wireless licence sale. Although the current big mobile companies don’t think much will change, hopefully the new entrants on the scene will start providing more attractive services and less confusing billing.

2 Responses to “Move over Bananaphone”

  1. However, to be fair, I read an article recently (can’t for the life of me remember where) that said part of the reason that cell service is so expensive in Canada (as opposed to Europe, the Carribean etc) is the fact that we are a relatively small population spread over an incredibly huge landmass. So the companies spend a lot on infrastructure, without a large customer base to pay for it. I’m thinking SVG probably only needs 3-4 towers for the whole country :) . It does make a difference.

  2. the population of SVG is a little more than 100,000. With such a small market, 3-4 towers is still a big investment in infrastructure. And I’m willing to bet it takes more towers than that given the hilly terrain on those small islands. Doesn’t quite put it on par with Canadian logistical problems, true, but I don’t think it’s quite so simple down there.

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