"Fame was like a drug, but what was even more like a drug were the drugs."
-- Homer Simpson

Maybe we should all use tin cans and string?

First post to this blog in a long time, and you’d think the first thing I would have to say woudl be related to the upcoming election. But no! I’m I’m pointing fingers at Canada’s telecom industry yet again!! :D

CBC.ca has a special report on the issue entitle Disconnected. Haven’t read it yet, but hope to soon. I’m sure I’ll sympathize with a lot of it.

Further to a pre-movie conversation with the Bird Lady and the Friendly Redhead (we really need to get her on here, by the way…), the Green Party is now invited to debate. Although having read the news reports, I understand a little better now why there was an objection in the first place. Even if the Greens can be considered to be the same viewpoint as the Liberals (although I don’t think that assessment is entirely fair), I still think our PM was being a spoiled brat by saying he’d skip the debate if the Greens were invited. Glad to see he’s put on his big boy pants and reversed that decision.

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