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-- Peter Griffin

What, no comments??

Hard to believe there is NOTHING posted here about the current political craziness in Ottawa. Don’t you people have opinions? :) Personally, I feel pretty strongly that the GG made a mistake today in allowing parliament to be prorogued. I am a fan of hers, and of her office, unlike my hubby who thinks the post of GG is archaic and should be eliminated. I think she just made his argument a little stronger. I feel that Harper should have faced the confidence motion and faced the music in terms of his failed economic strategy and bully tactics. Not that I am saying that I think Stephane Dion is so wonderful… I have respect for the man and for his thinking, but his image as a PM is not all that impressive. However, if I have to choose between someone who consistently fails to listen to the majority opinion in the house (when he doesn’t hold a majority himself) and then accuses those who try to bring him down of being unpatriotic and undemocratic – but speaks English well and handles himself like a leader; and a bumbler who has poor language skills, comes across as bookish, but is definitely speaking the language of the majority in terms of policy, I know who I pick. Those icy blue eyes and that lovable pot-belly will only get you so far, Mr. Harper.

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  1. It’s a shame that I wasn’t all that blog-y when this was all going down, because yes, I probably had plenty to say on the topic. Now it just seems so silly…

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