"Some people juggle geese!"
-- Hoban Washburn

So say we all!

iamadama.jpg My thoughts on the BSG finale are still percolating, but I’m planning on posting a review (with spoiler warnings, don’t worry!) later this week. In the meantime, though, have a look at a fun survey: Which Battlestar Galactica character are you?

Apparently, I share traits with a certain gravelly-voiced Admiral, as you can see at the right. Although I really don’t drink as much as he does… :-)


"So say we all" (the Galactica version of "Amen") was used in a very disturbing way in a recent Least I Could Do comic.

6 Responses to “So say we all!”

  1. Apparenly, so am I… which is odd, because i’m pretty sure I chose “sexy dress” as what I would prefer to wear…

  2. What, you didn’t see that episode with Adama prancing around the CIC in a dress? :wink:

  3. i’m kara thrace. i don’t watch the show so it means very little to me…

  4. Well, there’s an easy solution to that…you should watch the show! Then you’ll understand how cool it is to be Kara Thrace…

  5. i’ll add it to the list of things i plan to watch, read, and do after papers and exams are done with. until then i’ll take your word for it.

  6. Kara’s kick ass. If you’re gonna be anyone, be her! Mind you, she’s a little loopy…

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