"Getting out of jury duty is easy. The trick is to say you're prejudiced against all races."
-- Homer Simpson

When it gets too much

I was just reading about Ontario’s upcoming Harmonized Sales Tax. I’m not an economist, but I think it’s a little silly to raise taxes in a time of economic upheaval.

However, what caught my eye was one of the user comments on the article…everyone commenting on the article was of course panning the new tax, but I was very impressed with the unintelligible nature of this one comment, and couldn’t help but bring it here for everyone to enjoy:

We don’t need our taxes going up or anything else i can’t afford any more how the heck to the exspect us to feed our self now i won’t be able to as much as it’s going to taxes of everything this is outragous and if they think that we are going to put up with this think again it’ maybe it’s time they decrease their pay of our tax money they get their making us poor and poorer every year it’s our government fault their no more jobs for everyone so now their trying to bleed us dry again time to change our vote and get someone in their who’s for us and who’s not going to raise any more taxes we want tax cuts i can’t afford to pay hydro as it is or innurance on my car or take a bus or gas in the car to go get grociers and is our goverment going to help not likely are they going to pick us up no their going ride in their fancy car with our tax dollars and their fancy houses with our tax dollars and getting paid way too much for doing nothing for us but putting us is the poor house time to take a stand weather you vote or not time to stand up and say enough is enough do away with all this taxes it’s bad enough we got carbon tax which we don’t need to pay get real i pay more in taxes than buying food can’t afford to pay hydro or own vehicle their ripping us of on taxes they don’t give us rise in anything it’s all talk what about tax break what about raising minumin wage to 10.00 and cooks to 18.00 ahour and with benifet also social assistance should go up instead of going for drug needle to give to the druggies on the streets i’m not paying for their habits forget it our goverment corupted in every way, cruel and heartless and a disgrace to our country i’m sure glad their not in my family or relative i’m already imbarressed enough to admit i voted for these crooks sickining

There’s plenty in that comment to argue over, but I think it takes a special kind of skill to write a run-on sentence that long… :-)


"When it gets too much" is from Bryan Adams' Run to You, which I chose because of the impressively long run-on sentence that is the subject of the post.

2 Responses to “When it gets too much”

  1. Um, wow… something tells me that taxes are not the only reason this guy can’t pay for anything anymore!!

    Can this actually be called a tax hike, though? I thought it was 8% PST + 5% GST = 13% HST… Mind you, I think it applies to more stuff? I’ve only been skimming the articles dealing with this stuff…

  2. It’s the same rate, but it applies to more things. So, yes, when the government is receiving more tax money than they were before, I think that qualifies as a raise in taxes.

    The item that’s now going to be taxed that seems particularly silly to me is houses. New houses used to be exempt from one of the two taxes (I can’t remember which), but is going to have the full HST when it comes into effect next year. Hmmm, I forget, which industry was the most worried about the economic downturn again?

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