"A woman is a lot like a refrigerator. 6 feet tall, 300 pounds ... it makes ice."
-- Homer Simpson

No place that I’d rather be

So I’m in Manhattan this morning. My mother and I have been talking about coming to New York for a proper sightseeing visit for a while, and we decided this year to go for it. We’ve been to New York a couple of times before, but they were very impromptu visits of only a day or two. This time, we’re staying for a whole week to get a proper feel for the Big Apple.

We drove down from the Great White North yesterday (which is actually starting to become a little multi-coloured, with the leaves beginning their fall display). It was a bit of a long drive, but we got through it fine. Going across the border, I experienced my most thorough examination yet, although it still only entailed a few minutes of questions (I’ve never had the full-bore experience of a border inquisition, for which I may thank some sort of deity). The US border guy asked many questions, often repeating the same questions in different forms to see if he could trip us up in a lie. One sticking point was that I was born in Philadelphia, which made him assume I was a US citizen living in Canada. I had to explain that I only spent my first three weeks of life in the good ‘ole US of A before I made the informed decision of leaving for colder pastures… :-)

Crossing into Manhattan was a bit of an ordeal…the path given to us by the all-powerful Google Maps was to go through the Holland Tunnel, and the line-up to get in was something to see. Of course, we were arriving at around 9:30 on a Saturday night, which I’m told is a popular time to be trying to get into Manhattan…at any rate, we eventually made it, but not after I was cursing many people who were using various tactics to skip ahead in line. Curiously, the Holland Tunnel only has two lanes, but there were fully nine lanes of cars leading up to the entrance…it’s almost like they wanted to design in some guaranteed traffic jams.

Rather than booking a hotel in Manhattan for the week, we’ve rented a two-bedroom apartment…it ends up being cheaper than trying to find a couple of hotel rooms (much cheaper, actually), and we have the benefit of a full kitchen while we’re here. Of course, what we didn’t know about is that the Mulberry Street apartment we’ve rented in Little Italy is right over what is now the Feast of San Gennaro, which will be going on during our entire trip. The feast itself is something to see, but it’s also quite crowded and noisy when you’re trying to get home (there are flashing neon lights literally right outside our bedroom windows). Parking during the Feast is also somewhat challenging, but we’ve found a lot and we’re probably just going to leave the car there for the week. They close down the hullabaloo by about 1am, so it’s not the end of the world, but it’s definitely going to add a twist to our comings and goings this week.

To start off the week, I’ve taken a few pictures of our apartment…I’m sure there’ll be many more pics to come! :-)

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  1. Nice digs, KaveMan! We are holed up in a hotel in Hookset NH – visiting Jamie’s cousin in Concord for her daughter’s wedding yesterday. The wedding was very nice, and the girls had a great time. Hailey got in a 2-hour nap, and Morgan played baseball with her cousins. I forgot the camera cord (dagnabit!) so I’ll have to post pics when I get home. Hope everyone is enjoying the early fall weather, KaveMan has a great vacation, and HomeWrecker gets her GI bug tamed!

  2. Doesn’t your computer have an SD slot? That’s the easiest way to transfer pics, I find.

    HomeWrecker’s GI bug is news to me…or maybe that’s as it should be? :lol:

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