"I bent my wookie."
-- Ralph Wiggum

I want to be a part of it

Yesterday was our day to start seeing some of the big museums. We spent a couple of hours at the Met (and could have spent a couple of days), and then headed over to the Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA). On the way to MOMA, we had a bit of a treat…the streets were all blocked up for President Obama’s motorcade (I assume heading out from the UN).

Pictures of the museums and the motorcade, followed by some quick visits to the New York Public Library and Grand Central Terminal are below:

Afterwards, we headed off to see an Off-Broadway production of Avenue Q. I always pictured “Off-Broadway” as being somewhat at a distance from Broadway…but we were only a block away from the Gershwin Theatre that we had been at the night before (which is considered a Broadway theatre). The difference actually seems to be the size of the theatres and the cost of the productions.

Anyway, one more day of sightseeing…this week has been a blur and a blast, but I am one tired tourist! :-)

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