"You couldn't fool your own mother on the foolingest day of your life with an electrified fooling machine!"
-- Homer Simpson

Gainfully Employed

Just one thing before i get into my story. If you haven’t noticed i spell worse then a grade Three student….so don’t poke fun. but anyways on to my ranting and raving.
I had a job interview today at Tribal voices and i could so tell i didn’t even have to have the interview for them to want hire me after like 5 minutes it was more of a you know we had to do the interview cuse it’s part of the rules but really we wanted to hire you anyways so….how’s life? what’s going on? how long have you lived here? well let me tell you about my day! you don’t mind if i drink my tea do you? heheh i think out of hte whole interview process they may have asked me two interview questions. well one and a half. So i am way excited now. cause you know my whole social phobia i thought i screwed it up right on the droping off of the reseme stage but apparetnly no i made a good impression on the manager and seh even put my reseme aside to make sure the owner would go over it. and when i went in she knew who i was and everything i was like wow you can even remember my name! i can barely remember my own name let alone the name of someone i say once and then say it on a piece of paper a couple times. so yeah i’m excited. i start tomorrow at 10 – 2

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