Entrance Roofing Log -- Fall 2005

The roofing over my front and side entrances have been very visibly sagging for the last couple of years, so it's been pretty obvious that the wood has been rotting away. Yes, it's yet another renovation project!

Saturday, September 24

Well, I was hoping to wait until the deck framing was done before starting this renovation, but the roof itself had other ideas.

The rotting wood finally gave

And started falling through

So I started taking it apart

The roofing completely removed

Friday, November 11

OK, the the deck framing is done, so it's time to get back to the entrances. I just hope I can get something done before it gets too cold.

The side was rotted out
worse than the front

The roofing taken down

And a full load for the dump

Welcome to the dump!
(click to see a lotta birds)

Emptying out the femtovan

Metal has to be separated out

This was gross

Paying on the way out

Saturday, November 19

Time to prepare to build the front roofing, but I ended up with a little surprise with the front porch.

All the wood collected together

Cutting all the angles for the roofing

The end piece needs an angled rip

After three months, the woodpile is gone!

Getting rid of the railings

Down to the concrete for the post bracket

Houston, we have a problem...no concrete!

Sunday, November 20

Looks like I have to rebuild the porch before I can deal with the roofing...just what I needed...

Look at how crap this is...

It's amazing I never fell through

Monday, November 21

It's getting so I can build framing in my sleep...

The existing porch is now gone

First I need to level the steps

Then put a ledger board on the wall

Upper part of the porch frame done

Gonna be hard getting in and out this week

Friday, November 25

A few last things before I start putting down the decking on the porch.

Finished the last joist from last weekend

And did the bottom header in the front

Strapping on the steps...

to cover them with wood in the spring

Saturday, November 26

More prep work today...

The first three cedar boards sanded

Then some waterproofing sealer

The post bracket finally bolted on

Sunday, November 27

Some definite progress today, but this is all moving too slowly...

The bracket for the railing post

The first three decking boards

Positioning the posts to measure them

Mocking up the new roofing

Saturday, December 3

Crap, it's already December...let's hope I'm not still working on this over Christmas...

Finished removing the side roofing

Loading up the porch and roofing remains

And it's off to the dump once again!

All unloaded

A ton of gulls sitting around

And they're looking pretty plump

Routing decorative grooves into the posts

A closer look

Sunday, December 4

Finished routing the decorative grooves in the posts today.

One last sanding of the posts

Groovy! (sorry, couldn't resist)

Treating the posts with
the waterproofing sealer

Have to do this in the
basement now that it's so cold

Saturday, December 10

Some real progress today, after soooo much preparation.

A couple more boards onto the porch

Sanded a few more to be waterproofed

Finished the rest of the roof framing

Then prepping the plywood roof deck

And adding it to the roof frame

Attached the cedar posts to the frame

Added the cedar fascia on the front (top)

More plywood

Finished off the roof deck

Cedar fascia on the left

And more on the right

Sunday, December 11

The roofing's assembled now, and ready to be lifted into place. All I need now is the proportional strength of a spider...or maybe a dying alien with a ring of power to bequeath to me?

Another decking board

Waterproofing some more

Adding the drip edging onto the roof

Finally, adding on the ice & water...

...underlayment for the shingles

Setting up for lifting the roof into place

Tuesday, December 13

The roofing over the front entrance is now up! Many thanks to BogMan, Righteous Guy, Deuce and Digger for their help in lifting this behemoth into place.

Saturday, December 17

Now that the roofing is up, it's time to get the porch to a state where I can leave it for the rest of the winter.

4 more decking boards

Framing around the concrete pillar

Some more lag bolts to support the roof

Tuesday, December 20

Prepping the last three cedar decking boards for the porch.

Had to cut notches for the posts

Wednesday, December 21

Well, today's the first day of winter, and I'm still at it. I really need to not be doing this after Christmas... :-)

Last 3 decking boards on the porch

Now I just need a railing

Thursday, December 22

Almost done what can't be left until spring. I just need to put up a bit of a railing, at least in the front portion of the porch.

The top and bottom rails for the
railing (had to drill all those holes)

The handrail that will be glued
to the top rail once it's in place

Friday, December 23

Finally, the railing is going up, and this marks the end of the work for this season...more to come in the spring!

The lower rail in place

The Stiles™ bracket is very handy

Clamping on the upper rail

Railing is done!

The handrail is glued onto the upper rail

So it needs to be clamped on