Landscaping Log

Although my yard had long been considered a lost cause, I decided in Spring 2005 that I could rebuild it -- better, stronger...greener. Below is the photo log of my efforts (click on a picture to see the full-size version).

Saturday, May 14

The first step was tilling the existing crappy lawn...

The back yard

Southeast corner

Next to the garage

The front yard

Side view

View from the house

Friday, May 20

OK, Star Wars was fun, but now it's time to get some dirt!

My driveway lined in tarp

Yup, that's 36 feet of tarp

The view from the garage outwards

Watch the very large truck back into my driveway!

Kamelot doing her best Vanna impression

The pile almost reaches the front of the tarp

And it reaches all the way back, too

My dirt pile doing an impression of a burrito

The first task was shovelling a path

Just this corner took several hours

Saturday, May 21

Didn't get much done on Saturday, as the rain came tumbling down.

There's just too much damn yard to cover

All the way over there, too

Some critter decided the dirt was a good home

Sunday, May 22

Got a little more done on Sunday, but the weather was not cutting me any slack at all...

The yard is slowly getting covered

And the pile is slowly shrinking

I've freed the BBQ!

Monday, May 23

I decided that the unsightly cinder blocks along the foundation of my garage needed some covering.

Slowly progressing over the yard

Isn't the lattice pretty?

And it goes all the way around, too

The first big hump of soil is done!

Look at all that empty tarp...

Tuesday, May 24

Well, had to go back to work on Tuesday...but after work it's back to the shovelling.

The yard is completely covered and rolled

Doesn't that look nice?

And the pile is receding

Almost halfway done!

Wednesday, May 25

With the backyard covered, it's time to start on the front yard...

Three hours of shovelling later...

And it's done all down the side, too

The front of the pile is now shrinking

Almost back to the steps!

Thursday, May 26

OK, I'm really sick of shovelling now...

Well, most of the front is done

It's looking better

The front of the pile

I can now get almost the whole pile in one picture!

Friday, May 27

I only did a little more shovelling, so I didn't bother with any pictures today.

Saturday, May 28

Apparently I haven't been doing enough shovelling, so I decided it was time to add to the job. My driveway and front lawn have always blended together, so I figured it was time for an actual border. Watch for the disappearing Golf!

First, I dig a trench

Then, I toss in some gravel

The finished curb

All it takes is hours of back-breaking labour

The front yard is now done

Hmm, not much soil left

It's such a tiny pile now...

Sunday, May 29

Time to finish off the soil and start with the pretty...

The front yard is now rolled

Aren't the little cedars cute?

I don't know why anyone would buy a plastic splashguard...

Monday, May 30

Took a break to play some Catan and do a little shopping...

Tuesday, May 31

Need to edge the trees before I can seed...

One tree edged, one to go

This took a surprising amount of time

Wednesday, June 1

Got stuck at the sisters' new house until too late to do any work...

Thursday, June 2

Time to finish the prep work. Seeding tomorrow!

The front is ready to seed

This one didn't take quite so long

Finished edging the garden
(plants provided by Mom)

More edging, and a new step
for the garage back door

Had a little visitor (I love my zoom lens)

Finally, the last of the edging!

And some trellises (trelli?) for the climbers

Friday, June 3

Finally! Time to spread my seed...

Front yard is seeded

And the endless watering begins...

Saturday, June 4

Had to move Happy Phantom last night, so the back yard had to wait until today.

Back yard is seeded

And look! More watering!

Sunday, June 5

With all the seeding done, it's just more and more watering.


Still watering...

Wednesday, June 8

I decided to stop posting just watering pictures, but today we have actual progress!

Look closely and you'll see a bit of green...

Real close up, you can see blades of grass!

And, of course, still watering...

Saturday, June 11

What could be more exciting than watching grass grow?

The tree is almost surrounded

The shady areas are growing faster

Same trend in the backyard

A little slower than the front

Thursday, June 23

My lawn has come into existence...sort of.

The weeds seem to have claimed the ditch

Kinda patchy up front

Hmmm, make that patchy everywhere

Saturday, June 25

The first mowing! And with my new mower!

Well, the weeds are less obvious...

Still looks pretty patchy

But the lawn mower works great!

Sunday, June 26

Since the lawn is so patchy, it's time for Round 2 of the seeding...needed to buy a new spreader (the first cheapy one disintegrated from basic use).

If you look closely... can just make out the seeds

Yup, you guessed it -- more watering!

Friday, July 15

Everything's growing pretty nicely, but those patchy areas are stubborn.

The front's doing pretty well

But the back has the worst patches

Behind the garage is doing better than expected

Sunday, July 24

After another mowing, I decided to deal with the patchy areas, especially after Bargain Building Materials put bags of black earth on sale for $1 each. This also meant Round 3 of seeding.

Not too bad up front

The worst is along the side

The backyard got most of the attention

Hard to see, but there's some under the tree, too

And more watering...

Monday, August 8

The grass seed just loves the black earth!

The front gets a little baked

But the back is filling in very nicely

The best area is in the shade of the tree

Saturday, August 13

After seeing the great results of covering the patches with black earth, I went and picked up some more bags to cover the rest of the lawn. Then it was Round 4 of seeding...hopefully the last round!

Hard to tell in the sunshine...

...but the whole lawn has been covered now

The old patchy areas in the back look great now

I'm pretty eager to see the result of all this

Got my first water bill since I started seeding...yikes!

Friday, August 19

Looks like Round 4 of seeding has really started to take.

Little sprouts are coming up everywhere

A close-up view

Thursday, August 25

Mowed for the first time since that last round of seeding.

Only two weeks after seeding...

...and everything's really filling in!

I might actually have a complete lawn soon

Sunday, September 4

Time for some Turf Builder Pro...

Another use for the handy-dandy spreader

Easier to see in close-up

Wednesday, September 21

No big changes, but I mowed the lawn today, so I thought I'd give an update on how it's looking.

Just me and my shadow

A little easier to see from this angle

Notice the deck frame on the left

Mostly filled in

Kinda thin on this side

Friday, October 7

I decided to do one last round of seeding before doing the winter fertilizing.

Had to do some raking first

To clear out all the pine needles

Then on goes the seed!

The backyard's looking pretty good

Wednesday, November 2

For the first time in years, I actually care about cleaning up all the leaves in the yard...must be a sickness of some sort...

And I still have the front to do