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Sailing 2008-04-25

With the hull clean and waxed, it's time for the anti-fouling paint below the waterline, and then get the boat into the water!

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Sailing 2008-04-24

After doing some hull cleaning earlier in the week, it's time to wax the hull. I managed to get some shots of the ridiculously high water levels as well.

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Sailing 2007-11-10

One last sail before the boat has to come out of the water.

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Sailing 2007-08-18 - 2007-08-21

I decided to spend a few days sailing up the Ottawa River to Quyon and the Chats Falls Dam.

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Sailing 2007-08-14

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Sailing 2007-07-15

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Sailing 2007-07-02

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Sailing 2007-06-24

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Sailing 2007-06-20

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Sailing 2007-06-13

I hosted a departmental Sail Day for my team at work. Worked out great...they brought the food, and I brought the boat! Pinhey Point really is an excellent picnic spot for boaters.

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Sailing 2007-05-26

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Sailing 2007-05-22

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Sailing 2006-11-11

Sailing's done for the year, so time to take the mast down! Many thanks to the BogMan and Righteous Guy for helping out, and to the very pregnant Grabber for taking the photos.

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Sailing 2006-11-10

One last (and cold!) sail before the boat comes out of the water.

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Sailing 2006-10-09

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Sailing 2006-10-02

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Sailing 2006-08-06

My first time staying out past sunset and sailing in the dark. I managed to get some beautiful sunset pictures.

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Sailing 2006-08-05

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Sailing 2006-07-30

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Sailing 2006-07-19

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Sailing 2006-07-08

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Sailing 2006-07-02

I decided to anchor overnight and sleep on my boat for the first time...of course, I would have been a lot smarter to do it on a night that didn't have a rain storm followed by 25 knot winds the next morning!

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Sailing 2006-06-25

The first time on the boat for The Grabber and Little Miss SMP. She was alternating between screaming hysterics and giggling happily (SMP, not Grabber).

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Sailing 2006-06-24

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Sailing 2006-06-21

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Sailing 2006-06-14

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Sailing 2006-06-05

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Sailing 2006-05-28

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Sailing 2005-09-24

It was a gorgeous day out, so BogMan and I went for a morning sail today.

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Sailing 2005-09-09

BogMan had this Friday off, so I buggered off from work a bit early and we went out on this beautiful breezy day.

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Sailing 2005-08-24

BogMan and I tried to go out for a sail this evening, but ended up going for more of a drift, unfortunately. We caught a little bit of wind in the last half-hour, but by then we'd put the camera away...

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Sailing 2005-08-09

After a failed attempt to garner some interest in going to see The Dukes of Hazzard, BogMan and I decided to take advantage of the wind instead. And there was plenty to take advantage of!

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Sailing 2005-07-31

Decided to brave the thunderstorm warnings and go for an evening sail to introduce someone new to the sport.

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Sailing 2005-07-29

BogMan and I were joined by Happy Phantom and her friend for a Friday evening sail.

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Sailing 2005-07-10

Righteous Guy, The Grabber and I decided to finally get BirdLady out for a sail on the river.

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Sailing 2005-06-11

Another beautiful day for sailing, but wow was it hot! You can see the haze in the pictures.

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Sailing 2005-06-07

BogMan and I decided to hit the water again, since Saturday went so well. We had a bit of excitement when the engine died on us just as we were getting out of the dock area and near the channel into the river. There was some quick raising of the sails and a few tense moments in the shallower areas, but we made it through all right.

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Sailing 2005-06-04

Well, the yard work is nearing an end (the time-consuming part, anyway), so it's time to kick off the sailing season! BogMan and I chose a beautiful day with light winds to refamiliarize ourselves with being on the water.

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Sailing 2004-10-03

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