"When she worries she says things like 'I told you so,' and 'Stop doing that, I'm asleep.'"
-- Peter Griffin

She’s got me spending

There’s an article in today’s Citizen about Alanis Morissette’s new album, and they quote her talking about wanting to make some fun music like My Humps. So apparently, just for fun, she did a video singing My Humps in her usual style, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

(If you don’t know the original, it’s a very entertaining song by the Black Eyed Peas, and the video can be seen here on YouTube. And before anyone writes them off as yet another bootylicious hip-hop group, rest assured that the Peas are somewhat more well-rounded.)

I just thought the Glebe crowd in particular would get a kick out of this… :-)


C is for…um, a sometimes food…

Yesterday was the Nepean Sailing Club‘s Haulout Day, which means they had two massive cranes pulling boats out of the water and placing them onto their storage cradles for the winter. I didn’t have Serenity pulled out just yet, as I’m trying to find a decent day to get one last sail in before I really call the season done.

BTW, sailboats just don’t look right when they’re lifted out of the water.

I’ve found the theme song for my life on the Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 soundtrack. I don’t actually hate everyone I know, but I’m very entertained by the song’s cheerful disdain for the throngs of idiot humanity out there… :-)


Hit me with your laserbeams.

Just picked myself up a pair of these babies (they’re CD players). Totally fleeced the seller on eBay too, to the applause of my fellow local DJs.

Because of my entrance into the DiJital universe, I am now an unstoppable jockey of discs. $1.49 per download sure beats $17 for a slab of vinyl, but don’t worry, the regular turntables aren’t going anywhere and I will still be buying records.

So! After knocking off the couple mix CDs that I’m still months behind on, one of my new projects will be a be-all-end-all non-stop 80s mix double CD (much easier to do from CD than vinyl).

And thus we get to the purpose of this post: any requests??

Note: British music only. Why? Because the rest sucks.



No surprises here. I was always fairly certain that previous piracy-sales correlations were exaggerated. But what would you expect from an industry that sues its (former) customers? Did the horse-and-carriage industry sue people that acquired motorcars?

On a related note, Cineplex has purchased Famous Players. If they know what’s good for them they need to do an about-face toute suite if they want to avoid a download calamity themselves, and remain in good standing with the studios. I’ve heard that some American theatre chains are removing some ads following public pressure (and maybe a lawsuit or two, I can’t remember). Bravo!


so this kid has U2 tickets

yeah .. well i do actually want to gloat .. so I will ha ha ha to all those that don’t have tickets to go see the best band in the World at the corel center.. hopefully i don’t get struck by lightning before the concert..

anyone else get tickets ?